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I'm not giving up on you, just us. I should have a long time ago...

it's weird how things change. you would never think people could atcually change so much. not their goals or their morals: the things that are important: but their attitude on life and other people. it's sad. when you keep getting hurt over and over trust is not an issue anymore. it just isn't there. the things that should be easy... fly.

i wouldn't change my life for the world. not the things that happened, not my circumstances, not my decisions... everything that has happened, taught me something about life and about myself.

time makes people grow. i'm not sad, i'm complacent now. it's time to move on. it was time a long time ago. i just didn't want to let go without knowing for sure. i don't need word from you, this is my decision. i love you.....

....praying it's possible to fall in love twice....
it's not in my hands now. i give up. God will show me.

but, sometimes it feels like it's written in the stars...
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