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I will be silent no more

.... not everything is about you.... take your ego and shove it....

you will not be part of my life.
starting now, you have been erased.
my heart just keeps breaking
and i keep stumbling on the pieces.
there is no way in hell
i will ever let ANYONE treat me the way you do.
you make me feel like shit.
like im nothing.
i feel like i lost everything
well in reality i lost nothing
and you lost
i win everytime
i will always come out on top
because i have a heart
i know what things feel like
i know what love is
i know not to fuck with people when they care
i know what's right and what's wrong
i don't play games
i just deal

you're time will come when the realization hits
when you see you hurt more people you care about
when you see the tears...
the tears don't stop
it's not funny anymore
life isn't a joke
you treat it like a playground
one day it will be taken away from you
and you will have nothing

i wish my heart wasn't built the way it was
i wish we could choose the people we fall in love with
i wish i never met you
i wish i never knew your name
i wish i never knew this feeling

it doesn't matter now
it happened
it's over
i'm not in love with you anymore
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