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The last note to sanity....

what i write is not necessarily all the things i want to tell people, but the things i think. it's not an outlet. i have no problem telling people how i feel. this is for me. for me to embrace the life i have and to contiplate things i don't get. you are the most hurtful person i've ever encountered in my life. to contine to hold on to that, is just a continuous black cloud for me. i'm more sad at you than i've ever been before. people don't just say things like that and apologize and then not take anything back. whats the point of apologizing? your words were wrong. i am me. and i will continue to be. if you don't like it, tough for you. i don't need to hear your shit. you're not my keeper nor my conscious. you have no right to judge me the way you have. you look at people with your vain eyes. like everything they do is out to get you. it's not always about you. sometimes people have separate lives. i do. and i will forvever have my life separate from you. i will always think of you, but not the same as i used. but as that guy that broke my heart in more ways than i can explain, then smashed it until it couldn't bleed anymore. now, i leave, trying to pick up the pieces of what i have left, trying to be positive about facing the choices i made and being strong to take the consequences. i only wish good things for you. that you see your anger, and don't hold on to it. but understand. ask questions. that you see life is more than what your eyes see.... i'm out. this is my last post and my last note to you. just remember, God is there, it is your choice to seek Him and find out what He's about. later john
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